Font Design

Customization of the fonts helps a company to build its brand recognition by getting unique font. The personal font helps you to translate your dream in exact shapes and colours.

Our font services include

  • Custom typeface
  • designing of symbol fonts
  • creating custom character sets
  • Creation of fine-tuned enhanced Screen Quality fonts
  • conversion for font format
  • multilingual fonts
  • editing of printer fonts
  • font support for multiple platform
  • Consulting for typefaces, fonts and font technologies

Typeface Design for client

In some cases, the best solution to a corporation's branding needs is a proprietary typeface design. An exclusive corporate font gets distinction in corporate marketing.

Character Sets

This is for those who are dealing international business and want eastern European languages letterforms or host of non-Latin characters to meet the international needs.


TrueType fonts are common in corporate work culture as most PCs come with a wide choice of TrueType fonts. These fonts can be used without the need for additional software.