Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting is one of the most common type of hosting these days people are doing on the web. The WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magneto, run on Linux servers. We at 99codedesign have been bringing our clients the world class quality Linux shared web hosting services. We are providing top quality Linux hosting with unmatched reliability and affordability.

Features of our web hosting service -


We at 99codedesign use best-in-class hardware for our hosting services .From enterprise class networking supported by Juniper to premium servers by Dell, our infrastructure has class. Combine this hardware to Cloud Linux, and our clients get excellent services. The Cloud Linux’s advanced security and performance optimizations will guarantee well oil machine in hosting package.

Varnish Web Acceleration

Varnish web accelerator enables a website to handle very high traffic and load pages in the fastest way by caching both static and dynamic content images such as CSS, and plain HTML.

Varnish is pre-activated on all new websites added on Linux Shared infrastructure.

Benefits of Varnish Powered Hosting

  • Makes static web sites fly
  • Makes CMS's (WordPress/Drupal) almost 3-10x faster to load
  • Handle more requests via the same package.
  • Reduce client wait time considerably which helps retention of your clients
  • Faster website results into your website being more visible to search engines which increase the chances of your website moving up in ranking on search engines

Power tools

With encrypted data and communication, we ensure security of your hosting packages. The password or username is also encrypted. With SSH and PHP, RUBY on RAILS, the full power of hosting package is achieved.

Other services include -

  • domain services
  • e mail services
  • Softaculous
  • 24x7 support over phone, chart or mail.