Web Design

At 99codedesign web designers convert dreams, visions and ideas into an attractive design that serves a bridge between clients business and target customer base. The web design conveys entire business operation and helps customers to understand the nature of business and helps them to reach to the client in hassle free manner.

Every web design from static to responsive or e-commerce offers easy navigation for better client interaction. The business depends on the best design, and we have mastered the designing for greater customers’ attraction and business generation.

Static Web Designs

Our static web designs come with -

Appropriate Look and Feel - Static designs must have the look and feel for the business they’re created for. The online representation of the web site must truly reflect the service or business. The website for club must have zing elements and seductive fonts and colours. The website for home décor should be in homely feel and look.

Smooth Navigation – The links and hyperlinks are placed strategically to give maximum information to customers. The all relevant information is placed in upper part of the page. There is no cluttering of the page with hyperlinks, which only confuses the customers.

Fresh Look – It is must to have fresh outlook and presentation style to attract customers and make them to give attention to the site.

Responsive Web Design

Our responsive designing is for all customers who operate mobile devices also besides computers for visiting websites.

Flexible Dimensions -In responsive web designing, the dimensions are flexible which means that a customer can see them on mobile screen or on tablet in a better way.

Images –Images are endowed with coding features, which allows them to retain their emphasis on small screen also. This features can be provided in responsive web designing only.

Content For Mobile Screens – Certain content comes in priority for mobile devices so that site is easy to navigate and looks crisper and cleaner to the customer.

Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning help clients to give refreshing feel and look to the website for much better customer response.

Analysing The Site – This means analysing the data related to the websites for understanding which part of the site was viewed more than others and profile of the audience and what attracted them on the site. This understanding helps to redesign the site for better customer response by changing and keep the part of the sites according to the preferences of the customers.

Content Management System – Helps to easy correct or add something according to the need for better customer interaction. This mechanism also comes with code for attracting more and more customers to the website. This code is search engine optimised.

Selecting The Right Design – Our designers choose the right font, cases, colours, text style, relevant background to provide refreshing look to the website.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

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